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Instant Experience: Lessons Learned Commissioning in the Field


Wouldn’t it be great if gaining experience in building commissioning didn’t take so long? Congratulations, the wait is over! Instance experience is a perfect commissioning session for those of you who want to learn without spending decades in the field. This session has something for everyone, from those just getting started to seasoned pros.  Learn the do’s and don’t when getting started in the field of commissioning.  Gain an engineer’s perspective, to see the process they use during design and discover the common issues that arise.  Obtain some new best practices that I use with my own commissioning projects both in design and construction. After this session you should be able to commissioning with greater confidence and with a new perspective, apply new practices that will save you time, and shave a few years (or at least months) off your learning curve on your journey to become the best technical commissioning authority that you can be.



Matthew J. Nelson, PE
Host and Producer
HVAC 360

Matt Nelson is the host of the HVAC 360 podcast and is dedicated to improving HVAC education worldwide. As a licensed mechanical engineer, he enjoys sharing his experiences as a designer, a design-build contractor, and a commissioning authority on a wide variety of building projects. Still working as a commissioning practitioner today for ECO Commissions, he likes helping owners and teams navigate their projects and construction issues. Mr. Nelson is also a Certified Energy Manager, a certification that he attained in 2009. Another relevant highlight of his career was being involved from the beginning in the development of ASHRAE’s commissioning certification and is currently the chair of the exam committee.