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Wholistic Approach to Enterprise Level FDD and Building Optimization: What does it take to harvest energy, comfort, and labor savings?


The journey from gigabytes of building automation and analytics data to work order tickets, continuous commissioning, and persistent energy savings can be a cluttered and multi-step path. Whether it’s a brand-new LEED certified building or a fifty-year-old building having gone through multiple mechanical and automation retrofits, most buildings have room for significant improvement.

Creating and navigating this journey for has its own set of challenges and questions that must be met and answered: How do I know my BAS is working properly and how do you manage its limitations? How to you manage OT versus IT? How do I manage cybersecurity? What fault detection and diagnostics tools do I use? How do you deal with alarms versus proactive monitoring? Do I use in house expertise or use outside help?

These questions are just a few to explore, but having the right people, processes, and technology in place to match organization goals is crucial to success. BuildingLogiX has worked for more than 15 years with end users and controls vendors across the country to provide training, FDD analytics, and BAS equipment to support high-performance connected buildings. This session will explore lessons learned and highlight successes of the 2019 Smart Energy Analytics Campaign Winner, a SEC university, on how to achieve and maintain high performance buildings.



Dan Fink, CEM
Energy Engineer

Dan is currently a Certified Energy Manager at BuildingLogiX and Waibel Energy Systems. He works with clients across the United States providing energy consulting, training, and fault detection software implementation to help organizations implement continuous commissioning and meet their energy goals.  Dan is also on the development team at BuildingLogiX for writing specifications and design around the BuildingLogiX Data eXchange (BDX), which is a software platform for building analytics and FDD.

He is a graduate of the University of Dayton with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy. His graduate research was in the UD Building Energy Center which focused on utility scale energy informatics along with commercial and industrial energy auditing. Previously he worked in the Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Industry supporting projects for organizations such as the California Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Energy.