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MSU College View - Rethinking CHP


The student apartments at Mississippi State College View, was originally designed to have individual split systems for well over 630 students.  With a drive for operational savings, as well as for sustainability, the project team was able to move towards a centralized plant approach.

The central plant consisted of centralized chillers and boilers, and a 285kW CHP unit with a absorption chiller.  This enabled the development to obtain dramatically lower gas rates, as well as enabled the CHP unit to function as the developments backup generator.
This presentation will review the overall economic model and how cogeneration could be accomplished in areas with low electricity rates, as well as meet campus sustainability goals.
Space freed up by locating all the equipment in a central location, allowed for additional leasable tenant space.



Philip Gonski, PE
Burns Engineering

Philip Gonski is a manager at Burns Engineering in Philadelphia, and provides design and management over energy projects, including solar, battery energy storage, and cogeneration.