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3M Energy Management System through ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance


Energy efficiency has been key component of 3M’s business and efforts towards sustainable manufacturing. Over the years, 3M has made immense strides within energy efficiency from implementing ISO 50001/SEP and data management technologies.

The ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance standard has been applied to all 25 3M manufacturing sites around the world. This international standard continues to drive down energy consumption throughout all these facilities.
In addition to ISO 50001, the Superior Energy Performance (SEP) is provided to facilities that meet a specific energy savings target and other requirements through a scoring system. 3M Canada’s Brockville Tape plant received the first Platinum Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification in Canada; the second in the world. This was awarded for achieving 15% energy savings within the first three-quarters of 2012. Since this award, the facility has maintained their Platinum-Level certification.

Data management, specific to energy data logging and monitoring, is crucial part of our ISO 50001 system. Through the installation of such logging capabilities, it makes energy visible.  This information allows the Energy Team to make decisions on how to improve energy consumption through equipment and/or process retrofits. Furthermore, historical energy data allows the team to trend energy performance on a regular basis. Setting and meeting energy reduction targets is an important part of the ISO standard, and data management helps us meet this requirement. The state-of-the-art data collection systems in place at the 3M manufacturing facilities continue to drive energy savings, positively impacting both our carbon footprint and the bottom-line.

In summary, 3M has been effective at delivering substantial energy savings through initiatives with ISO 50001 and data management



Mr. Andrew J. Hejnar, CEM, CEA, CRM
Energy Manager
3M Canada Company

Andrew Hejnar is 3M Canada Company’s Energy Manager with more than 15 years of experience in leading sustainability initiatives at 3M.  

Hejnar’s focus on improving energy performance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at 3M’s manufacturing facilities and commercial buildings across Canada and around the world enabled 3M to achieve the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard.

Hejnar was recently named Energy Manager of the Year for 2018 by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). In 2017, Hejnar was named one of Canada’s Clean 16 as an outstanding contributor to clean capitalism in Canada.

Hejnar holds Masters Degree in Energy Management, has Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, he is Professional Engineer of Ontario, Certified Practitioner in Industrial Energy Management Systems and SEP Performance Verifier. He has also completed industry certificates including the Advanced Certificate in Facilities Management and Certified Energy Manager, Certified Energy Auditor, and has achieved Certified Carbon Reduction Manager accreditations.