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Data Driven Commissioning, Fault Diagnostics, Energy Analytics and M&V


Raytheon is continuing to add additional electrical sub-meters; upgrading buildings to BACnet/IP and implementing a FDD (Fault Detection and Diagnosis) program.  What are some of the speed bumps along the way?  What are the benefits?

Where you today and what are your goals.   Leverage existing data from – building meters, submeters, BAS data, BAS Graphics, monthly utility bills.  Do you have a process in place to act on the data or are you trying to run before you have learned to walk?

Do you have a budget to (1) implement an analytics program and (2) act on the findings of the program?  Does your team need training to understand or act on the data?  Where do you start?  Are your building automation system operators trained on analyzing the existing data presented on the BAS screens?  

How much information can be extracted from the various sources?  How do you decide what to meter and where the biggest opportunities are?  Should you upgrade your existing BAS/BAS graphics, install sub-meters?

Do graphical or tabular data presentations work best?  What type of data filtering tools are required to maximize the value of your data?

Metatagging your Building Automation System data and the benefits of Project Haystack tags.  Are the tag names taking up too much landscape on your tables and graphs?  If so, what is the solution?     
Do you understand the nuances of how your data was collected, if not actions forward may not be completely clear.  Pulse Meter data resolution explained – one minute interval data may not give you the resolution you expect.

Is the analytics software going to sit on your network or in the cloud?  What kind of BAS Contract Language do you need to use if you are going to have the BAS contractor set up trends for your data analytics project….or are you going to use BACnet data discovery tools?  Do you want to hire a vendor to take responsibility for the data collection?

If you need to upgrade the Building Automation System in order to set up the required trending, is that an expense that should be charged to your project, or is this really part of a capital improvement?
Review existing BAS graphics, if you don’t have the in-house experience, can you take screen shots and put them in the hand of a professional?

What would a cloud based solution to upload your own BAS trends to look like?

Should you hire a vendor to take responsibility for collecting and processing the data?

Are spreadsheet models beneficial?

Presented By

Mr. Denis O'Connor, C.E.M.
Sr. Facilities Engineer II
GBS Facilities Engineering, Raytheon Company

Denis is currently working for Raytheon implementing a FDD program.  

Denis has over 30 years’ experience developing and applying various software platforms for Continuous Commissioning of buildings in various city, campus and industrial complexes leveraging existing Building Automation System and industrial process data.  

Denis has designed and implemented FEMP and IPMVP compliant "revenue grade" M & V (Monitoring and Verification) Plans supporting annual revenue streams ranging from $10-20M.