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Energy Solutions International

ESI is your total solution for the needs of today’s retrofit energy driven environment. With a tenacious focus on always providing the correct solution, we believe in creating energy efficient excellence for our friends doing business in the retrofit space of the lighting industry. We are passionate about being American Made and only use high quality materials and cutting-edge technology in our products. We design and manufacture new fixtures and retrofit kits for lighting and energy professionals. Our ability to modify our product offering to match individual project needs and special applications is truly unique in our industry. Combining our flexibility and solution-centric mindset with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities secures our promise that “we will always do it right.”

Energy Solutions International (ESI), booth #703, will be exhibiting LED lighting products and a vast array of controls strategies this year. In addition to new construction fixtures and retrofits that we are offering, ESI will be showing our continued growth in the wired and wireless controls, tunable white light systems and color changing strategies. We are available to discuss your needs for customized solutions. ESI will also be introducing our partnership with the advanced lighting and intelligence of LIGHTAWAY™. LIGHTAWAY™, patent pending, is the first and only lighting control system that can integrate existing or new building-wide smart systems and communicate status through the standard building lighting system. LIGHTAWAY™ may be integrated into virtually any building, due to its flexibility, to provide a rapid response alert to life safety issues. LIGHTAWAY™ directs egress of occupants in distress situations as well as managing ingress to a building.

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