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Decarbonizing Electricity; Drivers, Cost, National Polices and Extreme Weather Conditions


Earth is experiencing an unprecedented danger from climate change that is driving the transition into clean energy. The impacts of this transition are many.
This paper will provide an in depth study of the drivers and the impacts of decarbonizing the electrical system. It will show the stages that each utility will experience throughout this transition. In addition, the impact of the increase in demand due to EV use at the residential and commercial sectors will increase the demand for electricity and reduce the primary energy consumption.
National policies around the world will move towards setting goals at an increasing rate as the extreme weather conditions increase around the world. A summary of the extreme weather conditions and estimated costs during the past ten years will be used to compare it with the estimated cost of a planned transition. The available technologies to support this transition will also be presented, showing estimated costs and opportunities for new industries with increased renewable energy on grid. This transition into a decarbonized electrical grid will result in a reduction of environmental disasters on the long run, opening new carbon markets, and shrinking of supporting services that were used in transporting fossil fuels.



Samer Zawaydeh
Independent Engineer

Mr. Zawaydeh works as Independent Engineer providing technical and management services to Owners, Architectural and Engineering Firms, Contractors and EPC projects, to enable them to adopt Renewable Energy and implement Energy Efficiency projects. With experience and certification in several other fields, he is providing Value Engineering, Programming and Scheduling, Project Management, Contractual Consultation according to FIDIC and the sustainability consultant on the 1st Green Building Certified according to the Jordan Green Building Guide 2017.

He is passionate about Energy Awareness and has trained over 40,000 people since 2013. He is well versed in the local building codes and RE EE regulatory framework, Photovoltaic, Thermal Insulation, and an invited speaker at schools, universities, and conferences. He is actively promoting the move towards Net Zero Buildings and Zero CO2e Buildings.

He is actively engaged in the local, regional and international energy sectors as the Association of Energy Engineers President (2020), President Elect (2019), Secretary (2017-2018), Assistant Director of International Membership Development for Special Project (2014-Present), President of Jordan Energy Chapter (2015-2017), Chairman of CRM Course (2018- Present), AEE Certification Board (2017-Present), started 5 student chapters in Jordan, and supported the development of the Chapters in Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

Mr. Zawaydeh has a Master’s Degree in Structural Mechanics from The University of New Mexico, 1994 and a degree in Civil Engineering Structures from Jordan University of Science and Technology (1990). He managed over 30 projects in extra heavy steel structures with international Engineering Firms and Contractors all over the world.