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NIMBLE is the Word - Using 5 Hours and a Really Good Spreadsheet to Control Your Cost of Power in PJM


Companies that understand how the grid operator, utility and retail supplier evaluate and price their load have an opportunity to use that knowledge to control their electric costs.  Peak capacity and transmission hours play a large role in determining costs paid throughout the year.  Couple this information with a really good spreadsheet that shows how operational flexibility, aka nimbleness, plays out and you can save a lot of money.  This presentation is designed to inform and lead companies through such an exercise.  Case study will be presented also.



Michael Catanzaro
Founder & President
The Utilities Group, Inc.

Mr. Catanzaro is the President of The Utilities Group, Inc., (“TUG”) a privately held energy advisory firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio that today serves commercial, industrial, governmental and non-profit clients in 5 states.  An industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Michael founded The Utilities Group in 1999, and under his leadership the company has solidified its position as a leading provider of energy solutions built around specific business opportunities in complex and competitive markets.  Company services include bill auditing, rate analysis, risk management, electric and natural gas procurement, demand and PLC management, efficiency and sustainability efforts.

In 2000, operating under a joint venture agreement with Procter & Gamble’s in-house energy team, TUG co-founded SCEP (Supply Chain Energy Program) to offer an aggregated procurement program to P&G’s supply chain partners as well as other Cincinnati businesses.    The program operated for seven years and helped educate end-users on and establish the viability of choice in the CG&E (now Duke-OH) territory.     

Michael is a frequent speaker on the topics of energy choice, energy management and energy strategies.   Prior to forming TUG, Michael worked with several energy providers in retail sales.