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Using Infrared Technology to Define Energy Saving Opportunities


Learning Objectives:
Learn what infrared measures and how to make use of the measurements.
Learn the importance of infrared training to properly and effectively use the technology.
How to find other uses for infrared analysis.
Why infrared is an effective tool to find energy saving opportunities and how to act on them.



James Park, CIEA, CIT, BPI
Energy Conservation Specialist
I-Star Energy Solutions

Jim brings 45+ years of construction management knowledge and experience to the Energy Appraisal team of I-Star Energy Solutions and The Irex Contracting Group. He is a Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser, Certified Level II Infrared Thermographer, Certified Level I Airborne Ultrasound Tech and Project Manager. Performing Energy appraisals and business development functions, Jim’s hands-on experience as a Tradesman/Installer, Apprenticeship Trainer, Manufacturer’s Sales Manager, Distributor, Contractor, Estimator, Project Manager and Educator makes him a valuable member of the I-Star team. Jim has presented at GlobalCon, Inframation, and multiple Building Inspector, Fire Marshall, Architectural and Engineering forums.