Why Exhibit? | AEE East 2022

Exhibit at AEE East

Exhibitors can expect to meet potential customers and business partners interested in energy management and energy-efficient products and services. These individuals are the key decision-makers you value the most. You can demonstrate your products and services, build your brand awareness, meet face-to-face, and connect with potential customers and partners. 

Two-Day Event

The Expo runs for two days to allow conference attendees and regional business leaders to meet with exhibiting companies in a relaxed, open environment. This will enable you to generate new leads, introduce your team to the community, and reinforce your current customers' relationships.

Face-to-Face Interaction

Moving into 2022, when it comes to influencing a decision face to face meetings will be more powerful than ever, especially in a close community like ours.

Sales & Marketing

The Expo levels the marketing playing field. Locally owned small businesses or national corporations, every exhibitor has access to every attendee and vice versa. Whether you are exhibiting or attending, everyone has a chance to grow their brand.

Compare and Source

Studies show that there is no better place to learn about new developments, competitors products, and discover potential business partners than at an Expo.

Who Exhibits

AEE East decision makers are looking for technologies, software, products and services for energy management, energy efficiency and sustainability, such as:

  • Energy Efficiency Services and Technologies
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Options
 (Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell)
  • Building Automation
  • Lighting Products and Controls

  • HVAC Systems and Controls

  • Building Automation 
Energy Management Systems

  • Combined Heat & Power

  • Cogeneration

  • Boilers and Combustion Controls

  • Thermal Storage

  • Load Management

  • Geoexchange
  • Federal Energy Management Specific Applications

  • Energy Services

  • Project Financing

Exhibitor Forum

Sign up early to reserve a spot at the Exhibitor Forum. This is your chance to present a technology white paper, case study, or new development that differentiates your company's product, service, or solutions. Time slots are limited and available to registered exhibitors on a first come first-served basis.