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Accuenergy (Canada), Inc.

Accuenergy specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial power and energy meter solutions. This also includes a variety of current transformers, hall effect sensors, energy management software, and communication modules. Accuenergy has an extensive product range that includes single and three-phase multifunction power meters, multi-circuit meters, gateways and data acquisition servers, a variety of split-core current transformers, UL listed CTs, Rogowski coil CTs, input/output and communication modules, converters, DC power meters, hall effect sensors, pre-wired panels, and data logging software​

Our technical and support staff are ready to provide information on our product line to fit your project requirements. Our expert team will provide advice every step of the way from decision making and installation, to post-purchase and project strategizing. Discover how our submetering products can be integrated into your building project to increase its value and solve facility energy management issues. On display will be Accuenergy's leading series of power meters, current transformers and DAQ communication devices. Trusted energy measurement instruments manufacturer for energy submetering, monitoring, and management. Seamless integration with all Accuenergy meters is available via a cloud-based facility metering platform that provides users access to real-time and historical data from power and energy meters.

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