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Auburn Manufacturing

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of the most advanced, safest and high quality flexible barriers against extreme-temperature challenges. AMI’s products are used in almost every major industry – primary metals, petroleum, chemicals, glass, paper, power generation, construction and transportation- wherever heat protection is required.

Our Ever Green Cut ‘n Wrap modular insulation system is for the easy on-site fabrication of mechanical insulation covers. There are thousands of hot, uninsulated valves and fittings in any typical institutional building complex. Insulating these components can save up to 8% on your energy bill and have a significant and positive impact on GHG emissions. The many benefits of the Cut ‘n Wrap System include super-fast installation times, payback times, plus they're removable/reusable. They reduce heat loss by 88%, making them a smart retrofit choice. AMI also provides Green-Up Services, where we provide project estimates, engineering support, professional installation, and follow up audits. Don’t waste your energy – Save it instead