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G.S. Dunham LLC

GS Dunham LLC is a manufacturer's representative of MEPCO (formerly Dunham-Bush), Vent-Rite and ELGE state of the art steam comfort heating products and services. We provide steam traps, valves, control valves, control panels and heat exchangers just to name a few of our products. Our latest controls offer internet based monitoring and control including all of the standard familiar Vari-Vac® functions plus modern apartment temperature monitoring including data history reports. As a fully authorized service and sales company, we thoroughly understand the inter-relatedness of engineered steam components. Our specialty is system efficiency and occupant comfort. We work with contractors, engineers, co-op and condo boards, management service companies, building owners, resident managers, wholesalers, and superintendents. Our services, equipment, and parts are top-quality and competitively priced.