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I-Star Energy Solutions

I-Star Energy Solutions is a unique, turn-key, energy assessment company specializing in the generation of significant energy savings from improvements to mechanical insulation systems, steam trap testing/condition monitoring and building envelope. I-Star Energy Solutions partners with ESCO's, Utilities and Owners to address conditions and unique solutions guaranteed to save energy. Much of our work and results have impact on projects that surprise the energy engineers. I-Star’s team of highly skilled appraisers and insulation professionals offer an efficient, safe, cost effective approach to reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. I-Star Energy Solutions is a subsidiary of Irex Contracting Group, a North American network of leading-edge, highly-skilled and specialty-focused contractors delivering exceptional value in innovation, performance, safety and service.

About Our Exhibit

I-Star Energy Solutions performs detailed Mechanical Insulation, Steam Traps and Building Envelope Energy Assessments, items not usually addressed in energy projects but representing significant savings and quick paybacks. Using state-of-the-art equipment and software we perform detailed analysis (most projects “at risk”), calculate energy savings, return on investment and perform the necessary repairs to realize the savings. Visit us for a Free Evaluation of potential.

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Topic: Hospital Energy Savings