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Kraft Power

The benefits of combined heat and power production from a single sustainable fuel source are well established. The associated equipment and its supplier must also be well established in order to realize these benefits. Kraft Power Corporation was founded in 1965, and has remained in continuous family ownership and management. Kraft has become a leader in the combined heat and power (CHP) industry by consistently delivering reliable CHP solutions and responsive field service. We currently operate 7 full service facilities in 7 states, and employ 50 Field Service Technicians trained in CHP technology. Service support is critical to successful ROI on CHP equipment. We work with our clients to structure a service plan to fit your unique needs, maximizing the energy system’s uptime, performance, and return on investment. Kraft equipment has no proprietary components or software that trap the client into expensive support and parts replacement for the life of the equipment.

Kraft CHP units range from 58 kWe to 2MW and operate on a variety of fuels including digester gas, landfill gas and natural gas. Kraft Power is a Distributor of Siemens Gas Engines and CHP units as well as Kraft Energy Systems CHP units.