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Blockchain Technology Coupled with Energy Demand for Buildings and Transportation - Case Study


The majority of the energy consumption in the world is for applications in buildings and transportation. This paper will showcase the global energy transition with the current available energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and will demonstrate the potential digital transformation of using Blockchain technology in buildings.

Current technological advances have enable people to reduce their energy use index to around 50KWh/m2/year using recommendations outlined in sustainability rating systems. Coupled with available decentralized renewable energy solar PV systems, solar water heaters and other renewable energy systems that can be installed in buildings, the buildings can produce their remaining annual electricity consumption. And if enough space is also available, building can produce their transportation energy requirements if they use electrical car (EV) and cover their annual electricity consumption for transportation as well.

With the new Blockchain technology, change is coming whether regulators like it or not. The conventional use of the electricity grid will change and the old model of one direction electricity will change into consumer based direction. Consumer will be able to generate and store energy at their premises and to share electricity using the block chain technology on demand.

This paper will showcase the current development of buildings around the world and the transition into net positive buildings and will discuss the results of implementing Blockchain technology at confined residential area up to one hundred thousand people at refugee camps in Jordan.

Presented By

Samer Zawaydeh
Independent Engineer

Samer A. Zawaydeh, PMP, CRM, REP, AEE Life Member –MSc Structural Mechanics from the University of New Mexico, USA, 1994. Successfully completed the project management of over 30 projects in the energy sector; power stations, refineries and oil and gas. He is actively participating as speaker, consultant and trainer in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy sectors in Jordan and MENA. He is the President Elect 2019 of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE); AEE Assistant Director for International Membership Development for Special Projects and Past President of Jordan Energy Chapter.