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Transforming the Future of New York's Electricity System with Renewables and Storage


In the heart of one of the more constrained segments of New York City within Con Edison’s service territory, Demand Energy and L+M Development Partners developed a microgrid to provide load relief for Con Edison on days when the grid is stressed by air conditioning demand.


Marcus Garvey Village is a low- and middle-income apartment complex located in Brownsville, which is home to a constrained substation that serves the area. L+M’s development goal is to transform specific low-income neighborhoods into healthy, vibrant and economically secure communities. At the time, they were unaware that this project would become a leading example of the path forward in developing the city’s evolving digital grid.

This region within Con Edison’s service territory is known as the Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management (BQDM) program. During the summer air-conditioning season, the substation supplying power for this network is overstressed by 53 MW of power. Marcus Garvey village has a peak summer load of 1.5 MW and is coincident with the peak overloading of the substation.

The Marcus Garvey Village project was the 2017 winner of the Energy Storage North America’s (ESNA) Distributed Storage project of the year award.

Presented By

Doug Staker
VP, Global Business Development
Demand Energy

Doug Staker is an energy professional that has worked globally for 28 years. He has been a pioneer in the world of smart grid technologies with a focus on smart metering and intelligent energy storage.  He is currently Vice President of Utility Business Development at Enel X, a distributed energy management and storage company and is a subsidiary of Enel, a leader in the global utility market.

Enel X is a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector. Shifting the paradigm, Enel X helps customers use technology to transform energy into new opportunities, so they can thrive and drive progress, across the world. Enel X is a global company with strong roots in the energy field and an open strategy geared towards digitalization, sustainability and innovation. Enel X uses smart, simple and fast technologies to help our customers discover a new way of using energy, all over the world.

Enel X is a thought leader in the development of both delivery and supply rate structures that align the goals of utility load management with commercial power and energy savings. Enel X has led the growth of Behind-The-Meter energy storage in New York City and has been collaborative with the local approval agencies in developing the permitting process for in building installations.