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Combined Heat and Power in Multi-Residential Buildings: An Overview


Lots of multi-residential micro-CHP systems have gone into service in Ontario in the past few years with the majority using microturbines or internal combustion engines as the prime mover. Residential CHP systems provide a unique potential to not only mitigate load on the grid, but to save energy costs, and reduce environmental impact. This paper presents an analysis to evaluate the feasibility of micro-CHP systems in a multi-residential building. This paper aims to provide an overview of residential micro-CHP systems including information on average typical electrical and thermal profiles, expected thermal loads of a single family household, common CHP systems available in the market, a comparison of different types of prime movers, and the environmental and financial benefits of such systems. Readers will gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of implementing this type of measure.

Presented By

Kadra Branker, P.Eng., C.E.M.
Program Manager
CLEAResult Canada Inc.

Kadra Branker, P.Eng., CEM, is the Program Manager of the technical review team for the Process and Systems Upgrade Program (PSUP), administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), at CLEAResult’s office in Toronto. The PSUP provides incentives for studies, projects and measurement and verification, and, is offered to commercial and industrial distribution connected customers across Ontario. CLEAResult is the leader in transforming energy challenges into energy efficiency solutions for utilities, business, and customers.