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Peak Demand Charge Mitigation with Natural Gas Engine Driven Chillers


 As time-of-use or “demand” charges continue to rise, facility managers are struggling with these rising costs. Often times efficiency measures may provide some relief to the energy side of the bill but may not always provide a reduction in the demand side of the transportation bill.

Often a large contributor to the demand side of your bill is air-conditioning. By leveraging a mechanical CHP solution such as natural gas engine-driven chillers, energy cost and demand savings can be realized. Free high-grade heat in the form of 200°F+ hot water is also available for process heat, reheat, DHW, etc. which can provide additional savings.

Presented By

Stephen Lafaille, P.E.
Director of Business Development

Mr. Stephen Lafaille is the Director of Business Development for Tecogen Inc. Tecogen is a leading manufacturer of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) products including natural gas engine-driven generators, chillers, and refrigeration packages for commercial and industrial use.

Steve is responsible for developing new business relationships to help grow Tecogen’s awareness and sales, allowing Tecogen to maintain its reputation as the leader in advanced CHP systems. Steve has been with the company for over eight years and started in the engineering group as a product development engineer at Tecogen.

In addition to his business development efforts, Steve works closely with sales people, manufacturer’s representatives, and customers to provide product and application technical support, and performs detailed economic feasibility analyses, and helps close sales. Steve represents the company directly to customers, such as hospitals, schools, colleges, government offices, multi-family housing, and industrial facilities. He also works closely with utilities to create custom incentive programs to help them meet their energy savings goals as well as help their customers improve their bottom line.

Steve has a B.S. and M.S. from the University of New Hampshire both in Mechanical Engineering. Steve is also a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Massachusetts.