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Digital Twinning for a Better Building IoT


The Digital Twin is more than a replica of a building based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As it relates to building management, a digital twin is a learning system that utilizes historical and actual data to help achieve the goal of optimizing building performance. But how does a digital twin compensate for incomplete data or the “gut feel” for the building system? This session will provide an overview of how AI and machine learning can be used to fill in the gaps in knowledge between expert, on-site, facilities teams, and cloud-based services. We’ll discuss techniques for identifying faults and anomalies without rules, grading influence, and arriving at a correlation “map” —all in the service of uncovering real-impact building system anomalies.

Presented By

Steve Nguyen
Vice President, Marketing & Product

Steve Nguyen leads product and marketing at BuildingIQ to bring a suite of cloud-based energy intelligence service to the commercial, healthcare, education, and other building markets. Steve joined BuildingIQ from Bidgely, where he ran marketing and helped utilities to better engage consumers with their energy use through the power of disaggregation. Prior to Bidgely, he ran corporate marketing and embedded solutions product marketing at IoT pioneer Echelon – helping shape the market for today’s smart buildings and early markets for smart homes and the smart grid. Steve helped introduced the world’s first 1:1 motion tracking controller for 3D immersive virtual reality gaming and created a multi-author, multi-threaded writing platform. He holds a B.S. from Brandeis University and M.B.A. from Boston College.