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Whose Data is it Anyway? Leveraging the Cloud to Unlock Your Building Services Information


Cloud-based data management unlocks your building data…or it should. One of the most enduring and frustrating experiences a property owner or facility manager can have is the simple act of trying to use the data generated by their building management or metering systems. Inadequate system interfaces, locked-in data management models, and poor data mobility can cause you to lose control of your data — with potentially disastrous results. Lack of data visibility, poor service, and inescapable costly contracts can plague you for years.

To ensure this never happens, care must be taken when specifying and implementing these systems and any ongoing services attached to them. This session will explore four key strategies you can apply in today’s open, web-centric building management environment to ensure your data remains in your control.

Imagine being able to trial a new energy management analytics service while continuing to use your current vendor. Or sending your meter reads and pulse collection information to a billing agent while also sharing it with an energy management service for ongoing monitoring. All of this is possible today, with even more exciting opportunities on the horizon. It’s only available, however, to savvy building owners and property managers who understand how to fully leverage today’s emerging building technologies.

Presented By

Gord Echlin
VP Business Development and Marketing
Triacta Power Solutions

Gordon is Vice President Marketing and Business Development for Triacta Power Solutions LP, where he has been a management team member since 2009. Prior to Triacta, Gordon was a partner for a boutique venture capital firm, Venture Coaches from 2006 to 2009, and started a telematics company, Netistix Technologies, in 2002.  Gordon is a Computer Scientist and technologist by education, and prior to Netistix worked in technical, management and sales roles in Mitel Corporation, Newbridge Corporation and several small startups, since graduating in 1982.