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Insights on Equipment Metering and Analytics


This presentation is designed to provide basic information on energy metering and analytics of major equipment at facilities as well as insights on lessons learned. The following topics will be discussed:

Why sub-meter equipment? - Justification of metering energy usage on your largest loads

Energy Data Awareness - Sharing of metering and analytics data with others

Usage Allocation - Improved visibility and accountability of energy used by specific equipment or functional areas

Operations & Load Management - Identification of operational and equipment performance issues, real-time feedback on the impact of operational changes and efficiency measures.

Energy Analytics - Benchmarking and trending outliers to identify new opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. Equipment-to equipment and facility-to-facility comparisons.

Lessons learned along the way:
Budgeting for installation and training, Transforming data into actionable intelligence, Documenting, simplifying and summarizing savings, Not relying solely on real-time data – Using analytics, Hidden ROI - Metering for equipment reliability

Typical equipment sources of energy loss:
Compressed air and steam generation, Compressed air and steam supply, Chiller performance, Equipment running at inappropriate times, Development of shut-down procedures

Typical Peak Demand Issues:
Facility start-up, Multiple loads running, Intermittent processes and operations

Presented By

James Majsak, C.E.M.
Director, Load Management
Groom Energy

Jim is currently employed by Groom Energy as the Director of Load Management and responsible for working with customers to better understand their energy usage profiles and identify opportunities for improved efficiency and conservation. Typical projects involve multi-measure solutions to better manage and reduce usage on all energy supply and distribution systems throughout the entire facility. This includes electricity, compressed air, chilled water, natural gas and steam systems.
Prior to coming to Groom Energy, Jim had held various roles in the load management segment of the energy industry for the previous 8 years. This included management of the corporate Load Response Center of Excellence (CoE) for Constellation Energy, Director of Engineering for the New York region of CPower in the demand response market and a business development role for Powerit Solutions where he was responsible for sales and support on an industrial energy management product line in the Eastern US region and Canada.

Before moving to the energy management industry, Jim had spent over 20 years working throughout the manufacturing industry in automation and controls engineering roles where his focus was on helping customers streamline their manufacturing processes and production reporting systems.

Jim has enjoyed the training aspect of every role he has held, which includes being a certified trainer for Rockwell Automation and Wonderware software products, development of customized on-site training programs for in-house resources and presentations at industry events.