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Using the Smart Metering System to Save Energy


Electricity Supply is rapidly becoming more complex  and variables where energy efficiency rules are still evolving only to limited end. A near future with millions of electric vehicles and industrial loads will dramatically increase the necessity of a demand modulation system. The best way of practicing demand management is user responsive load management at the consumer ends. It will be difficult to alter consumer behavior in the direction of energy savings unless consumers are more exposed to market price than at present . The proposed abstract topic and system introduces a distributed smart meter that intelligently notifies the power consumption rate at various time intervals based on demand factors and power loss factors. It also notifies the characteristic behavior of consumption to the consumer via GSM communication system, and isolates the supply for various faults and power theft.

Smart Meter will be more advantageous in developing nations where commercial loses is a contributing factor to the energy problems and considering the network problems into account.  I would also like to share my experience with the AEE family and the congress the first ever smart meter pilot project  in West Africa. The project was done under my leadership as CEO for PEC SL LTD.

A copy of that report is attach for your reference and feel free to share .

The Smart meter projects helps the concept of submetering to help landlords and utility companies to anticipate peak period and regulate appliances at any given peak period also helps to identify energy theft.

Presented By

Malador M Sowe
President and CEO
Disruptive Energy Services

Malador Sowe, CEO SL LTD a utility management company base in West Africa and President and Founder for Disruptive Energy Services. He is 36 years old and has been working in the energy sector for over seven years now, Malador led the first smart meter pilot project in Sierra Leone. He has begun helping state utility companies across West Africa to implement the smart meter program in order to cut cost and increase revenue.