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Weather Correlations and Energy Use Breakdown


Understanding of the building energy use is the foundation of the energy auditing process. We believe that every energy audit, including level 1 audits, should start with breaking down the historic use into major components, tailored to the size of the building and scope of the audit. At the minimum, the audit should include a discussion of how the building energy use correlates with the weather and a breakdown by the major users: lighting, heating, cooling, air-side fans, plug-in equipment, manufacturing equipment, etc. In our experience, the majority of building energy use can be catalogued relatively quickly if the auditor has a good understanding of the building and how to dissect historic use. A robust energy use breakdown can provide great insight into the potential for energy efficiency, allows for quick back-of-the-envelope calculations for savings and provides quality control opportunities right from the beginning of the process.

This session will present a few examples of how we generate the weather correlations and tricks on how to breakdown the building energy use. We will discuss the methodology to isolate the weather-dependent energy components using simple and complex weather regressions, show how to evaluate the building energy use baseline, and quickly separate various end-users by applying simple calculation algorithms.

Presented By

Dan Birleanu
Associate Director

Dan Birleanu is an Associate Director with ERS. Over his 20-year career in the energy industry, Dan has been involved in a wide variety of projects spanning from large combined heat and power and district heating to energy efficiency for commercial and industrial facilities. His areas of expertise include energy auditing, strategic management planning, industrial energy efficiency, detailed modeling of energy processes and systems, building modeling and industry training. He holds an MS in management of energy systems and a BS in energy engineering at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania.