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The Use of Active Desiccant Wheels Regenerated by Waste Heat in Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems


Dedicated outdoor air systems are being widely recognized as a way to increase air handling system energy efficiency by decoupling the ventilation and thermal loads within buildings. Adding an active desiccant wheel to these air systems improves performance by removing moisture from the incoming air stream in the vapor phase, reducing work at the coiling coil, and ultimately reducing chilled water flow rate requirements and chiller size. By combing this type of air handling system with CHP increases the system efficiency further by reducing building humidity (latent cooling load) with waste heat. This system is installed and in operation at a major university building in Brooklyn, New York. The system is in construction in a 750,000 square foot University building in Manhattan.

Presented By

Andrew Kozak, P.E., AEE Fellow
Associate Principal
Bard, Rao + Athanas Engineers

Andrew is Associate Principal and Director of HVAC – NY at BR+A.  He is a Fellow with the Association of Energy Engineers and a licensed professional engineer in the State of New York. He is also an educator who lectures at both the Graduate and Undergraduate levels. Andrew is passionate about energy engineering and water resources, and applies a deeply insightful and solutions driven approach to his work.