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UK Industrial Strategy Pavilion
UK Industrial Strategy Pavilion

UK Industrial Strategy Pavilion

The UK Pavilion invites potential partner firms and decision-makers in the energy sector to connect with innovative and ambitious UK companies looking to explore potential collaboration and investment  opportunities.

The Enterprise Europe Network, UK is organising a visit to AEE East Energy Conference & Expo involving 15 innovative British businesses in the Energy Sector. The visit is funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) and forms part of the UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme.

We invite potential partner firms, industry decision-makers and investors to meet and discuss opportunities with members of our group.

The British businesses offer disruptive technology across numerous areas including smart grids, energy storage, renewable heat and demand-side response.

Both UK and the USA share many of the same challenges:

  • Widespread and rapid electrification especially with Electrical Vehicle uptake and resulting changes in load
  • Smart meter rollout across the UK and across many US states
  • Distributed generation growth (more renewables, consumers generating and exporting)
  • Energy storage more widely deployed, especially at distribution level
  • Similar challenges in managing and balancing demand
  • Aging grid infrastructure

The UK Pavilion will be hosting pre-booked one-to-one meeting sessions. See website below.

Profiles of all British businesses are featured on the site with each representative available for meetings with US organisations registered on this platform.

Further details on the meeting process can be found on the B2B Meetings tab on the website. Meeting session timeslots are listed on the agenda and can be selected during the registration process.

To register for meetings please visit: